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Thank you Mela on SABC 2 for having me on your show.
03 January 2016


A beautiful Women’s Day function with Global Apostolic Center in Phoenix, Durban.
09 August 2015


The Story behind the dress – Durban July 2015




Style Me- Sorisha Naidoo and Haroon Hansrot talk Durban July
01 July 2015


Crawford Prep Fashion Show
20 May 2015

Social-Crawford-Prep-Fashion-Show-16Crawford Prep North Coast held an exclusive fashion show at Braeside Conference Centre in Ballito on 15 May. The evening saw pupils from Grade 1 to 7 don fashionable clothes including Naartjie, Eco-Punk and Keedo on the runway in support of raising funds for The Pink Drive. Ravi R and Sorisha Naidoo were the evenings MCs who brought along their well-known friends including Miss Earth SA finalists and our current Miss Ballito, Kirsten Martins.



NorthGlen News
03 December 2014

Sorisha Naidoo with Debbie Schroeder, the founder and CEO of God’s Warehouse. Naidoo recently hosted an event to raise funds for the local NPO.

Sorisha Naidoo with Debbie Schroeder, the founder and CEO of God’s Warehouse. Naidoo recently hosted an event to raise funds for the local NPO.

Naidoo is no ordinary ‘Housewife’
Local celebrity, Sorisha Naidoo, will be starring in the new reality television show, the Real Housewives of Johannesburg.

LOCAL celeb, Sorisha Naidoo, recently took a brave step into the world of reality television when she signed on for the Real Housewives of Johannesburg show, which is expected to hit television screens in February next year.

Naidoo and her six fellow casts mates will be welcoming viewers into their luxurious homes and offering them a glimpse into their glamorous, yet hectic lives, as mothers, business women and socialites.

While the show will be unscripted, viewers who are hoping to witness loads of drama, scandals and fights are urged to find their entertainment elsewhere. The aim of the show is to profile these established, successful and hard working women, and to encourage other women to follow in their footsteps. The uMhlanga resident first shone in the spotlight when she won the Miss India South Africa title in 2002. Soon after she received her crown Naidoo become a household name, as she was hired as a presenter on East Coast Radio. In 2008 she moved to Johannesburg, and her bubbly voice could only be heard on the airwaves of the local radio station, Highveld Stereo.

Her dream of becoming an actress then took centre stage, and it was not long before her face also graced our television screens, in the popular soapie, Scandal. Since then she has also appeared as a presenter on Eastern Mosaic, and has launched several businesses. With all that success, one would think that it comes natural to the beauty, but she warns that aspirations come with loads of hard work, and even some failure. “Business can be very challenging and there will be times when you wonder how am I ever going to pull this off or complete this task? Just breathe, trust in yourself and the Big Man above. You will fail, you will succeed, take the good with the bad and learn from it all with immense gratitude,” she advised.

While the wife of Durban billionaire, Vivian Reddy, obviously has ambition she insists that her focus has always been on her two children, Saihil and Kalina. “With great difficulty, I always put my kids first, as both my husband and I have very busy portfolios, his more so than mine, so I work mostly from home,” she explained. When asked about the reality show Naidoo admits that she was at first reluctant to participate. “The show was initially very daunting. Presenting and acting feel so easy now, as there is always a script and lines, but with regards to reality, it is a whole new ball game, the world gets to see you at your best and worst,” she said.

But since filming started in September, the ‘housewife’ has become comfortable in her new ‘role’. “The cast is amazing. They are all very strong and confident women,” she added. Over the years the socialite has been involved in numerous fundraising initiatives to give back to the community.



Get It Magazine, Ballito Umhlanga: At Home With Sorisha Naidoo

29 April 2013

Sorisha-NaidooShe is a former Miss India South Africa, an actress, successful business owner, TV show presenter and a millionaire’s wife. But 36-year-old Sorisha Naidoo says being a mom to her two children is her best job yet. Monique De Villiers caught up with the Umhlanga beauty.

Naidoo’s Izinga Ridge mansion was recently showcased on Top Billing and is as immaculately presented as Sorisha herself. Durban-born Sorisha is well known in the entertainment industry. Her first ‘big break’ came after she won the title of Miss India SA in 2002. She got a job as a radio presenter at East Coast Radio and was eventually promoted co-host of the breakfast slot with Alan Khan. In 2008 Sorisha moved to Johannesburg, where she worked at Highveld Stereo for a while before pursuing her lifelong dream of becoming an actress. Sorisha played a lead role on the popular South African soapie Scandal from 2008 to 2010, after which she returned to Durban.

Sorisha’s husband of nearly 10 years is millionaire businessman Vivian Reddy, owner and director of the Edison Corporation. The couple have two children together, four-year-old Saihil and two-year-old Kalina. An extremely busy woman, Sorisha works hard on her own two business ventures, the Umhlanga Skin Care Clinic and Pure Perfect (a skin lightening product). She is also a presenter on Eastern Mosaic and has even been approached to have her own reality TV show. As if that’s not enough, she is currently working on her own clothing range in collaboration with her long-time friend and fellow designer Haroun Hansrot.

Sorisha says she owes her work ethic and passion for business to her parents and husband. “My parents were very hard working and that is the essence of our family – hard work. It is something that I am always consumed with. I grew up working in the family business and that was the foundation of my own business later. I was a Brownie and Girl Guide, and both scout mistresses can take credit for my camping abilities and being able to think on my feet,” says Sorisha. “The bug bites and it is something that I am passionate about and it keeps me busy. I can honestly say that it was a complete accident when I started my own business. But, with my husband’s advice and guidance; I jumped into the deep end and nine years later, I am still here and trying my hand at different things.”As for juggling her roles as a business woman, mom and millionaire’s wife, Sorisha admits that it is very difficult being all three! “I sometimes wish there was more of me to go around. The kids and my husband are quite demanding and I always promise to do things with my kids on the weekend and then find myself running off to do something for my business. I hate disappointing them, so lately I have decided that I should delegate more and make sure we are doing family activities on the weekend.”

Sorisha says she and Vivian work very hard to find common ground and do attempt to squeeze in a weekend away for some quiet time every now and then.
To Sorisha being a mom, is the best job in the world. “It’s about being responsible for tiny minds and helping them make the best possible decisions going forward in their lives. When they are away from home, as much as I love the alone time, I sometimes sit around and wait for their return and the squeals of delight that erupt when they see me. They surprise me each day with their version of life and keep me on my toes. They complete me.”

With Mothers Day around the corner Sorisha is hoping for the best gift of all – time away with her family. “I always get five cards on any occasion, two from Vivian, one from each child and one card from my two furry, little kids. I have a mountain of cards and they mean a lot to me.”


Top Billing: At Home With Sorisha Naidoo